Just a few of my favourite sermons that I think you all might enjoy! There's not many as of right now but this list will grow with future site updates!

"How To Get To Heaven"

An excellent and to-the-point sermon on Salvation by Dr. Ralph Yankee Arnold.In this service he really helps to clear up confusion about works vs. Grace and explains how Salvation is a free, precious gift that we could never earn through our own means.


I'm not a follower of Catholicism but Bishop Sheen was a highly educated man that truly earned my respect! Here he explains a whole different kind of Hell from what you normally hear about. This one definitely turned on a few light bulbs in my head!

"Willful Sins after Salvation"

Not really a sermon but a short and sweet message from Dr. Ralph Yankee Arnold that explains how we cannot lose our Salvation after we are Saved. I feel this is something many Christians struggle with so I think it deserves aspot here in this list.

"Sympathy For The Mentally Sick"

You can tell this guy is a favourite of mine, right? I will say that parts of this sermon are outdated solely because we know a lot more about mental health than we did back then but the Bishop's base points still stand!

"You Can Do It!"

Just a note: The actual sermon starts at 2:08 into the video and ends at 15:30. Title is self explanatory as Dr. James Kennedy gives us an awesome sermon on having confidence not only in ourselves but in God, who wants us to succeed!

"The Clear Gospel"

Another short but sweet one from Dr. Ralph Yankee Arnold that simply delivers the Gospel in and of itself.

"The Superiority Complex"

Bishop Sheen is back again with his hilariously dry sense of humor! A serious burn for narcissists and those who fashion themselves as being above others, this sermon is a refreshing uplift for the humble!