Bridgette here! Welcome to my little corner of the internet!

I'm a former DeviantArtist who decided to break free and get a new start!

I specialize in furry and Sonic-themed artwork in both the modern digital

and traditional coloured pencil mediums! Feel free to check out my gallery and,

if you like what you see, commission me! Thank you!


Recent Updates:

Slot #1:  Digital Flat - No Background


Slot #2: OPEN!


Slot #3: OPEN!


Slot #4: OPEN!


Slot #5: OPEN!

#1: New Speedpaint is up on Techno Sugar's Youtube!

#2: New art!

#3: New Commission offerings! Reference sheets and cel shaded! Check out the "Commission Info" page for more!

What's New:

Arle MM Digital True Final.png
Bridgette Ref Single Simple.png
Sakura Ref Triple Detailed.png
AOPS Prototype Logo V2.png


thumbnail_Business card meta blue.jpg
Sakura Ref Triple Simple.png
Bridgette Ref Single Detailed.png
Basic Bridgette.png
Basic Sakura.png