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About me? Well, for starters I'm a former DeviantArtist who left the site for... several reasons, some of which I'd not care to recollect here. I decided to make my own website for my artwork, commissions, etc. under a whole new name and identity to try and sort of break free of my old chains and start anew... if that makes sense.

As you can probably tell by my gallery I specialize in furry and Sonic-themed artwork but I'm no stranger to the Anime/Manga styles. I'm practicing and becoming more proficient with digital artwork, but my personal preference is the traditional medium of Alcohol Markers. LOVE my Ohuhu Markers, though Hobby Lobby's Master's Touch brand is almost as good! I also dabble in Origami, cake decorating and writing and am thinking about adding pages for those works to the site later on!

I'm a Christian of the Independent Baptist faith, but please don't mistake me for being like those psychos at Westboro or some of those other radicals who garner all the media attention with their sinister acts that are only meant to further their agenda while they falsely hide behind the name of "Christian". Those kinds of people make me absolutely sick. I just want to quietly serve God with my life and give out His Gospel because I love and care about my fellow human beings. I have no agenda other than to love one another even as He has loved me and to show His love through me by doing unto others as I would have them do unto me.

Oh, and I'm also a Furry! Yes, I'm aware of the whole idea of 'Furries and religion can't co-exist' and all that crud. Well guess who's here to break that stereotype into a billion little bite-sized pieces?! *points to self* 'Cause you know what? There's nothing un-Christian or sinful about being a Furry (Though some people do sadly take it to that point and beyond) and there's nothing in the base criteria of being a Furry that says you can't be a Christian. If anything I see a lot of the similarities such as love, supporting your fellow mankind, treating one another as you would want to be treated yourself, etc. intermingling between the two.

My aspirations here at Techno Sugar Creations are to showcase my artwork and provide a commissioned art service to people and to spread the Love and Word of my Creator.

And that's about it for me for now! Be Blessed and stay Blessed!

                                                                                                                      ~John 16:33

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