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PLEASE NOTE: Any direct contact methods listed below (I.E. E-Mail, Discord, etc.) are for business purposes only. Please do not use these methods to contact me for personal and/or leisure purposes. I really shouldn't have to say it but it's been a growing issue as of late. Thank you in advance for your cooperation.







   Techno Sugar Creations


   Techno Sugar


~*Please note, I do NOT, repeat NOT have any social media other than what I've specifically linked here! I generally get around by word of mouth with little social media contact in order to avoid trolls, stalkers, etc. so if you see a page by my name on any social media site other than what's stated above, it is NOT me! In the event you DO see a social media page under my name (Either Techno Sugar Creations or Bridgette Wolf, save for an old Facebook page I've abandoned.) claiming to be me and/or posting my work on any site or social media platform other than what's listed here without proper credit and/or linking back to me, PLEASE let me know ASAP! I've recently had problems with people editing my work in less than savoury ways and putting it on... even less than savoury places online and I'd like to put a stop to it. Thank you in advance for your time, patience and cooperation. Be Blessed and Stay Blessed!*~


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